Seven Hills has become an exclusive sponsor of UREC Innovations Conference 2011

Seven Hills international development group of companies has become an exclusive sponsor of Ukraine's first event dedicated to innovation in the real estate market.

 UREC Innovations Conference 2011, organized by Ukrainian Real Estate Club, will be held on November 23, 2011 in Kiev and will bring together leading representatives of the real estate market. The conference will be affected by current issues of innovation in the design, construction, development and property management.

«Seven Hills has already implemented a number of innovations in the construction of residential complex PARK AVENUE, which is not just a series of residential buildings, but a" city within a city "- an innovative system that guarantees its citizens maximum level of comfort and safety, - says Arie Schwartz, CEO Seven Hills. - We are ready to support initiatives that make the world experience in the construction available in Ukraine. "

One of the main themes of the conference will be "green building" - a set of technologies aimed at reducing energy consumption, efficiency and safety of construction. "Green building" is a leading trend in the market. It’s popular due to the increasing demands of residential customers. Other topics include: innovative architectural solutions for real estate, new technologies to increase the economic attractiveness of real estate, experience in effective management of commercial real estate, etc.

"We are ready to share the positive experience we have in the construction of residential real estate experience and management of such facilities - said A. Schwartz. - And in this case UREC Innovations Conference 2011 is interesting to us!"